Nude Flutes

Image: Nude Flutes

Wednesday, April 29, 2018
Participatory performance

x-embassy welcomes NUDE FLUTES for their first session of 2018.

NUDE FLUTES is a pop-up choir that happens everywhere it takes place. Inspired by DADA and John Cage the participants try out scores that make choral singing possible. Everyone can join – no matter if professional or amateur. (Especially those who always say they cannot sing!)



Jolanda Todt, 2018

Thursday, February 15 & Thursday, March 8, 2018
Exhibition: Jolanda Todt

Jolanda Todt invites a shared reading of histories for her work GE_SCHICHT-EN. On two winter evenings, historians, writers, cultural studies researchers and artists interact with the work. During the events, a reading, deconstructing and re-constructing of her work takes place, and afterwards, an intensive discussion over hot soup.

GE-SCHICHTE_N is an installation that invites visitors to deal with history and histories, their construction and deconstruction.

The installation consists of a long plinth and two benches. On the plinth lie ninety concrete blocks. The blocks carry various materials, offering three modes of accessing history. Materials of the constellation include photographs of the site of a specific occurrence, official archival materials, and excerpts from an interview with Jolanda Todt’s grandfather, who experienced the occurrence as a child in Poland. Each fragment connects to the viewers‘ individual previous knowledge and associations.


Nico Limo, 2018

Friday, February 16, 2018
Exhibition + Performances + Video Screenings

We have prepared a Post-Valentine’s Day event to strengthen your art hearts during the cold winter month of February. Pull yourself out of your hibernation nest and bundle up warm to come flirt and tumble head over heels with other lovely creatures. Performances and videos full of infatuation, romance, sex, and heartache await to bring aid to your slumbering tender hearts.

Performances by: Lady Gaby | Camille Käse | Cello by Mikatsiu Høres | Spoken Word by Ben Miller | „Cillium Love Machine“ by BUTCH CUT | Signed Word by Alison Smith | Romance installation by Zinzi Buchanan | Paper Waster Press by Peter Max Lawrence | „Free hugs“ and Love Potions by donation by Adi Brief | Tiny on the spot sculptures of your heart by Kim Bode | CRUSHED – Sad sometimes happy songs by Nico Limo | Custom made typewritten Love Poems by Orion Twinkle | Love healing frequencies by Jean P’ark and Moldy Horse | Heart Stick & Pokes by Brody Polinsky and Elke Wardlaw | Collective Group Love Drawing by Henna Hoplin

Videos on loop by: Evie Snax | Elliot Blue | Beth Frey | Nabil Vega | Coral Short | Lottie Sebes | Yoav Admoni | Xander Marro | Sandra Araújo | Bridgette Costa | Stephanie Hanna | Magdalena Hutter | Peter Max Lawrence | Ethan Folk & Type Fastinbed | Eva Rose & June Tay Sanders | Benjamin Ramírez Pérez & Liad Hussein Kantorowicz

Cutural Spaces and Commoning


Saturday, December 16, 2017

In co-operation with European Alternatives Berlin, x-embassy explores the practices that can create and maintain commons-based cultural spaces in Berlin. The event is open to everyone: neighbours, artists, local initiatives, cultural & anti-gentrification activists and the general public.

Programme: 20:00 Introduction round | 20:30 Informal discussion round & mapping – cultural spaces and the commons | 21:00 Drinks and music


Fake Fest, 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Mini-Festival: FAKE Company

Fake it ’til you make it.
Seeking the ANTIDOTE.
Pandora’s Box is open.
We are our best hope.

FAKE FEST is a one day speculative pop-up fest, musing on the ANTIDOTE, including an installation by kentaro kumanomido, short film selections and a performance by FAKE Company with KK and the gang. We will end the evening with a SonicDiscoTonic. Put on your best plastic jewelry and come get real and get healed.

FAKE Company is an international arrangement of performers, an intentionally fluid and flexible group, who discovered their attraction to each other at Ponderosa in Germany. Gathered by Kathleen Hermesdorf of ALTERNATIVA in San Francisco, FAKE Company is a container and instigator for artistic freedom within creative collaboration, embedded and embodied in ongoing practices of improvisation in dance, theater, music and visual art.

This iteration of FAKE Company includes: Caroline Alexander | Nicola Bullock | Caitlin Fisher | Kathleen Hermesdorf | Kata Kovács | Kentaro Kumanomido | Ursula Marcussen | Gareth Okan | Thomas Anthony Owen | with music by Tom O’Doherty + Angela Muñoz

Transeuropa OPEN Berlin


Saturday, October 21, 2017
Workshops + Screening

TRANSEUROPA is a transnational artistic, cultural and political festival organised by European Alternatives since 2007. For the 2017 edition, Convergent Spaces, the main city for TRANSEUROPA is Madrid. Decentralised events in different cities across Europe coincide for the opening of the festival on Saturday, October 21st, 2017.

In Berlin, Transeuropa Open will takes shape as a “Political Party” hosted by x-embassy collective at the Atelierhaus Australische Botschaft Ost.

Two workshops and spaces for exchanging ideas are offered. The central topic is related to the “commons” as an encompassing vision to explore in the local context with a transnational outlook. The first workshop is on data protection, run by Crypto Party Berlin. In the second workshop, we discuss strategies against online hate speech. At 8.30pm we will enjoy a screening of the documentary film “Meeting Snowden”. From 9.30pm: food, drinks and music by DJ Syriantal.

Shifting the Public Imaginary

Nothing to See Here Web_scaled
Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan, 2014. Image: John Possemato

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Artists Talk: Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan

While today, ‘the public’ increasingly consists of ‘non-overlapping spheres of mutually reinforcing beliefs’ (Nina Power), artistic actions can cut across social divides and shift the public imaginary.

This panel will bring together artists Amy Spiers (AU) and Catherine Ryan (AU), and theorist Camilla Møhring Reestorff (DK), to consider art’s capacity to contribute to social transformation. The panel will be moderated by Carol Peterson (AU/BER). Talking through specific examples from their own practice, the panellists will discuss the merging of aesthetics and politics, as well as tactics to engage the mediatised public sphere. Some questions they will consider:

How is art deployed in order to bring overlooked or intractable social problems into view? Can art intervene with, or even change, public discourse? What strategies do artists use to alter the present social order? How do artists measure the effectiveness of their actions? Is provoking controversy, causing debate and attracting media attention an end in itself? And are there limits to artistic agency, and what might this mean?

Organised in partnership with Vierte Welt Berlin
Zentrum Kreuzberg, Galerie 1. OG, Kottbusser Tor